Here’s What Action Intervention Training™ Attendees Are Saying!

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In process group, I used some of the warm up exercises and the clients really responded well. The clients were all engaged and shared on a different level. Thank you so much! David St. Clare
MS Case Manager
PACE Recovery Center

Facilitated the workshop using the same techniques as being taught which provided for a hands-on learning experience, making the new material easy to put into practice right away! Cindy Branch LCSW, CP
Private Practice
Athens, GA

After learning sociometry techniques to facilitate group interaction at an Action Intervention Training, I began applying these skills to some of my psychotherapy groups. I quickly discovered that group members where orienting to one another and interacting in ways I had yet seen. It’s refreshing to have taken away something so concrete and applicable from a training and to be able to immediately apply it to my work with positive results. Derek Rutter, MA, LPCA
Primary Therapist
Red Oak Recovery

I had a great experience attending this workshop and learning the sociometry and psychodrama techniques. I was excited to apply the skills in my next family group and it was received very well. It helps with
cohesion, lowering anxiety, and gets the family members talking about their thoughts and feelings in a powerful way.

Linda Rueckert
Cirque Lodge

I recommend this program highly. It presented compassionate yet direct and honest approaches to dealing with resistance, denial and the various personalities in families. LeeAnn H. Nay, MA, ATR, ASUDC
Cirque Lodge

I was in rapt attention the whole time…I felt like a sponge as I tried to absorb the avalanche of information that was offered.

I have used many of the skills/tools/techniques that were presented during the training. Bill Lawless, BS, CIP, CRS
Harvest Interventions

It was such an AMAZING experience. Anybody who deals with people who suffer from chemical dependence or process addiction should make it A PRIORITY to train under Jean, Jim and Bill. Some of the most captivating, moving and powerful work I have experienced in my 11 years in the field. TOP SHELF TRAINING! Fernando Rodriguez, MA, MBA

action intervention training in savannah georgia hosted by Wiillingway hospital - jean campbell, bill maher, james tracy - organized by maddmarketing, llc

Action Intervention Training™
June 2015 in Savannah, Georgia
Hosted by Willingway

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